Property Management

We offer a fresh approach with a highly experienced team.

Simply stated PJH will protect your investment by: keeping your property attractive and desirable through meticulous attention to detail in maintenance, passing along economies of scale and implementing periodic inspections in order to prevent rather than fix problems.

We understand what you want and need from a Property Manager:

You want to…

  • minimise your expenses and maximise your income.
  • be kept up to date with what is going to affect your investment.
  • be assured that the rent is being paid according to the arrangements made.
  • know your investment property is being maintained by the tenant and the Property Manager.

PJH is focused on providing outstanding property management services.

We focus on:

  • obtaining the best return possible.
  • minimising expenses.
  • implementing your instructions meticulously.
  • finding the most suitable tenant as quickly as possible.
  • maintaining your property.


So why should you choose PJH?

Because we care…

  • about you
  • your investment
  • your peace of mind